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Warm Your Voice, Sing Your Heart Out

The most important thing to remember is that your vocal chords, or folds, are a muscle. If you’re about to run a race, you need to warm up your legs. If you are about to sing a concert, be part of a long recording session, or practice for a lengthy duration, then your vocal muscles

Stuck In A Songwriting Rut? Try These 5 Things!

1. Check out some hit songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Lots of hits these days draw inspiration from samples, and melodic lines from hits of old. These old hits have much to love about them, and they have creative chordal structures and out of the box ideas for their time. You may find

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Turn Your Closet Into A Recording Booth

If you like to record at home, chances are you’ve run into issues tracking your vocals. Maybe it’s the sound of the dog collar or a TV in the other room leaking into the microphone, or the sirens wailing outside your home when you’re trying to record that super intimate song. Or maybe noise isn’t

10 Odd Pre-Show Rituals Your Favorite Musicians Engage In

Performing can be SUPER stressful and nerve-wracking. That's why these stars don't mess around when it comes to their pre-show rituals! 1. Robert Plant  The Led Zeppelin frontman needs a space designated for ironing his shirts. "I find ironing helps get me in the mood before I perform." 2. Keith Richards This Rolling Stone demands a Shephard’s Pie

10 Jobs In The Music Industry That Actually Pay

So you know you've wanted a job in the music industry, but your dreams of making a billion dollars as the front man of a rock band isn't quite panning out? Check out some alternative careers in the music industry that actually pay. 1. Music Therapist A music therapists uses music as a tool to

Best Musician Inspired Kids Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, you might need some fresh ideas for the mini musicians in your life. These DIY Halloween costumes are sure to make your your littles stand out amongst the crowd! Bob Dylan Lady Gaga Offbeat Families  Prince Nicole Schultz Waynes World She

Saying Goodbye To Music Legend Tom Petty

I can attribute my love of music to my mother. Mom has always kept up with her music, even now as a senior (sorry mom).  She cleaned the house from top to bottom every Saturday. While doing so, she ALWAYS had her music blasting. Loud enough to even be heard over the top of a

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