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10 Odd Pre-Show Rituals Your Favorite Musicians Engage In

Performing can be SUPER stressful and nerve-wracking. That’s why these stars don’t mess around when it comes to their pre-show rituals!

1. Robert Plant

 The Led Zeppelin frontman needs a space designated for ironing his shirts. “I find ironing helps get me in the mood before I perform.”

2. Keith Richards

This Rolling Stone demands a Shephard’s Pie before every show.

3. Leonard Cohen

Has to recite the Latin verse, “Pauper sum ego, nihil habeo,” which means, “I am poor, I have nothing.”

4. Kanye West

Requests a barber chair backstage so he can get a haircut before each performance.

5. Pink

Has her best friend grab her nipples before the show as an act of…encouragement?

6. Lorde

Has a very specific blanket she naps with and eats berries and sometimes seaweed right before a gig.

7. Selena Gomez

Takes a shot of olive oil to coat her vocal chords. “It’s awful. You let it go down and it coats your throat. I gag every time.”

8. Chris Martin

Coldplay singer Chris Martin needs to brush his teeth. “I have to brush my teeth before I go on stage, otherwise I just don’t feel smart enough.”

9. Alice Cooper

Eats skittles and watches Kung-Fu movies.

10. Eminem

Has been known to request 25-pound dumbbells and an assortment of Lunchables Snack Packs to aid his pre-show ritual.

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